In 2019 a record number of eleven gifted Polish students studying all around the world participated in the fourth edition of the Transatlantic Future Leaders Forum program, with internships once again being spread between the United States Congress and the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

Through a demanding selection 11 students were chosen – five men and six women. Six  students represented Polish universities and five studying abroad. Each of them presented a unique perspective and personality, an interest in international affairs and excellent academic standing.

Eight of the interns were in the offices of the U.S. Congress and three in the offices of the Members of Parliament of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. What is worth noting is that for the first time TFLF cooperated with the office of the Senate of the United States, with Przemysław Mroczkowski from Uniwersytet Warszawski interning in the office of Senator John Boozman (R-AR).  

In the United States the other interns were placed in the offices of Rep. Daniel Lipinski, Rep. Marcy Kaptur, Rep. John Shimkus, Rep. Gregory Meeks, Rep. Jackie Walorski, Rep. Tom Malinowski, and Rep. Michael Gallagher. Meanwhile in the UK TFLF cooperated with the offices of dr Rosena Allin-Khan MP, Robert H Halfon MP and Tom Brake MP.

Our interns value the program and the opportunities it offers, especially all the extracurricular meetings, in which they participate as a part of the program. The interns have called those meetings “an absolutely invaluable experience, allowing us to engage in discussions with high profile professionals”.

In the 2019 those meetings included:

  • Participation in CEPA (Center for European Policy Analysis) Forum
  • A visit to the Pentagon including a talk with Lt. Col. Carla M. Gleason
  • A meeting with His Excellency Piotr Wilczek, the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in the United States
  • A visit to the U.S. Department of State with Deputy Assistant Secretary Matthew G. Boyse
  • An extensive meeting at the World Bank with Alternate Executive Director Ms. Katarzyna Zajdel-Kurowska
  • Participation in the Margaret Thatcher Conference on Britain and America 2019 in London organized by Centre for Policy Studies
  • A private meeting with His Excellency Arkady Rzegocki, the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in the UK.
  • A visit to the Bank of England and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

As one intern puts it in her testimony: “These meetings raised my awareness of the professional environment that assists political work of Congress. Moreover, it made me aware of the variety of career opportunities to graduates with legal education be that in the World Bank, diplomacy or lobbying”. 

TFLF aims to continue to provide our interns with such opportunities in the future editions of the program. 

All of the alumni speak highly of the program, emphasising how it challenged them both professionally and personally. In their closing reports, the alumni write about the lessons learned: how they were able to develop new skills, meet inspiring people and contribute something of their own. They all acknowledge that the program broadened their horizons, sometimes presenting them with entirely new perspectives and abilities to grow. 

The Transatlantic Future Leaders Forum aims to provide a unique experience for exceptionally gifted youth leaders and with its first edition it successfully managed to do exactly that. Be sure to look at our applications page to join the program in the forthcoming edition.