1. Internships in the US Congress

TFLF scholars will complete 6-8 week-long internships in the congressional offices of the US Congress on both sides of the aisle. 

During the internships, our Scholars gain a great understanding of the American legislative process and policy-making, global and national events shaping the Congress’ priorities, and challenges faced by constituents across various districts in the US. Every day our Scholars face various tasks given to them by congressional Staff Members. For instance, TFLF interns engage in drafting policy memos on current significant events and conduct extensive legislative research. The interns are encouraged to proactively offer to research a topic of their interest in relation to ongoing debates in the Unites States. Before a vote in the House of Representatives, they can be entasked with writing a voting recommendation for their Member of Congress. Moreover, they attend hearings and briefings on a wide range of subjects in order to prepare a report for their office. They also assist in the preparation of daily newsletters and constituent correspondence. 

Moreover, meetings with influential opinion leaders from think-tanks, NGOs, international organisations and business representatives are an integral part of the program. Learn more about the extracurricular opportunities we offer by reading about the previous editions on our website. 

2. Double Internship Initiative

The Double Internship Program is a new TFLF internship initiative, which will be implemented for the first time in the 2023 edition. By applying for the Double Internship Program, you gain the opportunity to complete an internship not only in the US Congress or the UK Parliament, but also in the organization or company of our Partners. The duration of the internship with the Partner will be specified in the internship agreement and may be adapted to the availability of the Intern. For participants applying for the Double Internship Program, additional recruitment elements may be introduced at further stages of recruitment (for example, an interview with the Partner’s representatives or a case study prepared by the Partner). Moreover, as a part of cooperation with some of the Partners, there will also be an opportunity for additional study visits to companies located in the United Kingdom and the United States. Candidates selected under the Double Internship Program undertake in their contracts to complete both internships within the specified period. 

Meet TFLF Double Internship Initiative Partners 2023

Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa is a capital group concentrating several dozen production plants, service facilities and research centres crucial for the Polish defence industry. PGZ manufactures innovative systems and solutions used by the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland and allied formations. The Group’s offer encompasses: modern radiolocation and radar systems, rifles and optoelectronics, wheeled armoured transporters, barrel artillery, unmanned air systems and systems supporting battlefield management.Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa is the main industrial partner in the Technical Modernisation Programme of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland run by the Polish Ministry of National Defence

CEC Group is the leading independent public affairs agency and network in Central Europe, offering integrated public affairs, strategic communications, analytical and intelligence services to multinational clients across a full range of industrial and commercial sectors, including but not limited to Energy & Climate, Digital & Technology, Pharma & Healthcare, Financial Services, FMCG, Mobility & Infrastructure, and Defence & Security.

More information about Partners participating in a given edition can be found on our social media profiles.


The internships are aimed at Polish students studying both in Poland and abroad. To apply for an internship, applicants must be enrolled full-time in a degree-granting course at a Polish or foreign university or college and be born on or after 1 January 1998. To be eligible for the program you need to hold Polish citizenship. Applicants must be fluent in English and remain in good academic standing. We look for candidates who are proactive, motivated and have a record of involvement in extra-curricular initiatives. Experience in the NGO sector will be advantageous. We especially value candidates who demonstrate their vision and genuine interest in transatlantic affairs. TFLF will host webinars concerning tips on how to prepare the application.

The online applications are open until 23:59 CET on 17th of March 2024. The second stage interviews will take place in the second half of April 2024 (tentative date: April 20-21 2024) in Warsaw. The exact date and time of the interview will be confirmed to the selected applicants closer to the time. Subsequently, the office staffers in Washington DC and London will choose their interns on merit from the pool of candidates recommended by the program committee. Those successful candidates who secure a place in the office of a Member of US Congress will need to commence their US visa application by mid-May 2024. 

Although TFLF offers voluntary internships only, successful candidates are awarded financial scholarships. The major costs of participation (i.e. transport, visa costs, housing, health insurance) will be covered by the sponsors of the program. However, some level of self-funding will be necessary to participate in the program.

Following the success of the first editions, the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw and the British Embassy in Warsaw joined TFLF as partners. Both Embassies have awarded TFLF a grant to cover some of the costs of our scholars (such as, plane tickets and accommodation in Washington D.C.) and will also assist TFLF in developing a series of appointments and meetings with the government officials for the scholars.

The duration of our internship programs typically ranges from 6 to 8 weeks. The internships take place in the summer/fall only. The internships in the U.S. will most probably start in mid-August and end in the first half of October.  If you know you are unable to participate in those exact select months, please notify us in your Application Form.

The typical internship will require the interns to work Monday-Friday. Generally, interns are expected to report to work at 9 a.m. and work at least until 5 p.m., however interns will find their schedule varies depending on their assignments. As part of the program, we will arrange “out of the office” meetings for the interns with representatives of a select number of private companies, public institutions, international organizations, think-tanks, and professional services organisations.

Please join us during an online session to learn more about the Transatlantic Internship Program and the 2024 recruitment process. Hear directly from our alumni who will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Tentative Date: w/c 4th March 2024

Registration Info: COMING SOON!